Banner Mountain Creative has offered full photographic, retouch, manipulation and restoration services for our clients. Shooting fashion and beauty collections for world renown beauty educator Teri Dougherty, as well as numerous portrait and model shoots, still life, nature and landscapes.

The result is a portfolio of amazing photographs of some of the most beautiful subjects in the world. Below, you will view several of the collections we have shot and produced along with some of the still life and landscapes that have been captured from unique perspectives. There are times however that pictures don't turn out as they are intended or they must be re-purposed to meet a client's objectives. In these cases Banner Mountain Creative's Joel Heppting is of the absolute best photographic retouch and restoration artists available.

Beyond our own libraries of photographs there are literally millions of stock photographs available from a variety of sources and we are able to manipulate any photograph.

A Sampling of Fashion and Beauty Images:

A Sampling of Photo Retouch and Restoration:

A Sampling of Landscape and Still Life Images: